Garage Door Spring Repair
Garage Door Spring Repair

Garage Door Spring Repair & Cables - Garden Grove, CA. 

Springs do the heavy task of lifting every time you are opening your garage door. You should ensure they are always in an excellent working condition even if that means removing the ones you have at the moment and replacing with new ones. However, note our garage door spring repair specialists should be handling the work. It’s important you realize that these are not ordinary parts but special ones. They determine the functionality of your garage door. If you live or run business in Garden Grove, CA, then great! We can assist you to keep the springs in their rightful working condition. We repair and maintain, so they have a long life expectancy.

What Signs Show I Have Broken Garage Door Springs?Garage Door Spring Repair

Garage door springs should lift the door and open it the whole way.. and not just a few inches. You can thus tell if you have broken garage door springs if the door can’t open the whole way. In some instances, the door cannot even open completely when the springs are completely broken. Apart from these signs, you can also identify whether or not the springs are broken..check the area above the door. Broken springs will always cause serious problems that stop the garage door from working. However, you have nothing to worry about because our Garage Door Spring Repair specialists can help you fix them. This is so you enjoy an easy-to-operate door.

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Like the other parts, garage door torsion springs usually have a given number of years they will last. Most of them do last for approximately 10000 cycles which are around 10-12 years. That means when you open and close the door many times a day you reduce the lifespan. If your springs have been there for many years and haven’t replaced, it’s time you call us for inspection and replacement. We recommend that you get garage door inspection many times as possible to identify any inoperable we can help fix it. Contact us now and we will be at your door in just a moment's notice! 

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